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The Last Time I Saw You


The Last Time I Saw You

Murder and madness don’t play favorites. Even the wealthy can fall victim to either --- or both. It happened one night to Lily Michaels, who was found dead in her grand home. Beloved wife, mother and community favorite, Lily comes from old money. Who would kill this woman? She had no enemies, and was known for her impeccable past and current charity work, yet the inexplicable has visited this upscale neighborhood. Now, instead of shopping for Christmas gifts, Lily’s daughter Kate is choosing a casket.

How Kate English’s life has turned. It wasn’t long ago that she felt she had the perfect life: a dream job (heart surgeon), a handsome husband (Simon), and a daughter they both love to the moon and back. But that perfect life is falling apart. Not only has her mother been murdered, she thinks that her husband is cheating and that her daughter’s nanny is sabotaging her. Plus, since her mother's death, she can’t imagine going back to work. She can barely function day to day. Then she starts to receive threatening messages, which is more than she can bear. So Kate turns to her best friend from childhood, Blaire Barrington, even though they had a huge fight years ago and have been out of touch ever since. But Kate needs Blaire. No one else can help her through this, especially now that she can’t trust Simon. Despite Blaire’s busy schedule touring for her bestselling books, she agrees to come.

"This thriller takes an abundance of twists and turns, keeping the reader switching opinions on whodunit so many times it will make your head spin."

A reunion of the two friends turns out to be a giant balm for Kate, although it doesn’t make Simon happy at all. He never liked Blaire, and having her here now grates on him even more. But Kate refuses to listen to his protestations about Blaire --- and his denials about having an affair. Kate wants her friend here. And she has seen the evidence of Simon’s affair. When he tries to explain, he sounds so lame. He swears that every ounce of his love is reserved for Kate. If only she could believe him. But she just can’t. Blaire has told her what she herself has witnessed. Even the police appear to doubt her husband.

For a while, Simon remains in the family home, supposedly to protect his wife and daughter while there’s a predator stalking Kate. The police are working on Lily’s murder, plus whoever might be targeting Kate. It doesn’t take long before they start to look closer at Simon. To show he truly wants to safeguard his family, Simon hires private security for around-the-clock coverage. But when the threats continue to escalate, Kate wonders if the guards may be part of the scheme with her husband. Has she become paranoid? She admits how irrational her fears might look to her friends and family. After all, she did once have what some called a breakdown. With everything that’s been going on, she hasn’t slept well, and that can make a person imagine things, too. Is it possible that her mind is playing tricks on her? Thank heaven she has Blaire to keep her on track. If only the police would catch her mother’s killer…

THE LAST TIME I SAW YOU isn’t a simple murder mystery. It goes beyond that to explore the issues of madness and betrayal, buried secrets and festering wounds, and to demonstrate how our minds see what they want to see. It showcases how easy it can be to try to fit square pegs into round holes without realizing it. This thriller takes an abundance of twists and turns, keeping the reader switching opinions on whodunit so many times it will make your head spin. But it’s oh so worth it. No one will see the ending coming. And the killer is the biggest surprise.

Reviewed by Kate Ayers on April 15, 2019

The Last Time I Saw You
by Liv Constantine