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Her Daughter's Mother


Her Daughter's Mother

For several years, Lana Stone's primary focus in life has been her quest to conceive the baby she so desperately wants. In her late 30s and nearly out of time and money, she and her romantic partner, Tyler, a professor at Columbia University, are just days away from the embryo transfer using a donor's egg fertilized with Tyler's sperm that may finally give them a baby.

Before the transfer can take place, however, Tyler packs his bags, moves out and simply bails on the procedure and the relationship. Although he tells Lana that he only needs a break, she isn't convinced. After all, she has just discovered that he has become increasingly close to a woman with whom he works.

"...a tension-filled tale that reveals one layer of subterfuge after another as more and more of the story comes to light."

Hurt and devastated by Tyler's actions, Lana decides to keep the appointment they had scheduled and undergo the embryo transfer on her own. Whether or not he wants a child, she does, and that's all that matters to her at the moment. When she becomes pregnant from the procedure, she is stunned. It actually worked, and she is cautiously optimistic.

In light of Tyler's dalliance with his co-worker, Lana keeps the news of her pregnancy to herself. After all, if Tyler had had his way, there would be no baby now anyway. Her main concern is doing everything necessary to ensure the survival of the tiny life that's growing inside her. Everything else can be dealt with later.

One day while riding the subway, Lana is stunned to see Katya, the young Columbia University student who had donated her egg, the very egg that had created the beautiful baby growing inside her. After having studied Katya's photograph in great detail when selecting her egg donor, she would recognize her anywhere. Unable to pass up the opportunity that has appeared, Lana follows Katya when she gets off the subway.

Before long, the two have formed a friendship of sorts, and while Lana knows she should have better sense than to get involved with the woman who made her pregnancy possible, she simply can't resist. She merely wants to know as much as she can about the woman who shares DNA with her unborn child.

Unfortunately, Katya exits Lana's life as suddenly as she entered it. When she stops responding to her text messages, Lana is hurt and wonders what went wrong. What went wrong is that Katya is missing, and nobody who knows her is talking.

When the police find out about Lana's fledgling relationship with Katya, they zoom their focus in on her as a possible suspect. After all, maybe she was concerned that Katya might someday want the baby whose egg went into creating it. As events progress, Lana learns startling truths about Katya, Tyler and herself.

HER DAUGHTER'S MOTHER is a tension-filled tale that reveals one layer of subterfuge after another as more and more of the story comes to light. Daniela Petrova’s debut psychological thriller raises many questions about what can happen when science combines with nature to give people the innermost desires of their hearts, and explores how not everyone involved always gets a happy ending.

Reviewed by Amie Taylor on June 21, 2019

Her Daughter's Mother
by Daniela Petrova