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Paperback: October 2, 2018

When Ichabod arrives in Sleepy Hollow as the new schoolmaster, Katrina is instantly drawn to him. Ichabod knows that as an itinerant schoolteacher of little social standing, he has nothing to offer the wealthy Katrina --- unlike her childhood friend-turned-enemy, Brom. Ichabod and Katrina embark on a secret love affair, sneaking away into the woods after dark to be together until Ichabod disappears. Enlisting the help of her friend --- and rumored witch --- Charlotte, Katrina seeks the truth of Ichabod's disappearance, investigating the forest around Sleepy Hollow using unconventional means. 

Hardcover: October 2, 2018

A journalistic look at the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland and the fight for gun control as told by the student reporters for the school's newspaper and TV station. This timely and media-driven approach to the Parkland shooting is an inside look at that tragic day that only they could tell. It showcases how the teens have become media savvy by harnessing social media, speaking to the press and writing effective op-eds. Students also share insight into what it has been like being approached by the press and how that has informed the way they interview their own subjects.

Hardcover: October 2, 2018

Felicity Montague has returned to England with two goals in mind: avoid the proposal of a lovestruck suitor from Edinburgh and enroll in medical school. However, her intellect will never be enough in the eyes of the administrators, who see men as the guardians of science. But then a window of opportunity opens --- a doctor she idolizes is marrying a friend of hers in Germany. Luckily, a mysterious young woman is willing to pay Felicity’s way, so long as she’s allowed to travel with Felicity as her maid. In spite of her suspicions, Felicity agrees, but once the girl’s true motives are revealed, Felicity becomes part of a perilous quest that leads them from the German countryside to the promenades of Zurich to secrets lurking beneath the Atlantic.

Hey, Kiddo by Jarrett J. Krosoczka - Graphic Novel
Paperback: October 9, 2018

In kindergarten, Jarrett's teacher asks him to draw his family, with a mommy and a daddy. But Jarrett's family is much more complicated than that. His mom is an addict. His father is a mystery. Jarrett lives with his grandparents. Jarrett goes through his childhood trying to make his non-normal life as normal as possible, finding a way to express himself through drawing even as so little is being said to him about what's going on. Only as a teenager can Jarrett begin to piece together the truth of his family, reckoning with his mother and tracking down his father. 

Damsel by Elana K. Arnold - Fantasy
Hardcover: October 2, 2018

The rite has existed for as long as anyone can remember: When the king dies, his son must venture out into the gray lands, slay a dragon and rescue a damsel to be his bride. When Ama wakes in the arms of Prince Emory, she knows none of this. She knows only this handsome young man, the story he tells of her rescue and her destiny of sitting on a throne beside him. But there is more to the legends of the dragons and the damsels than anyone knows, and the greatest threats may not be behind her, but around her, now, and closing in.

Hardcover: September 25, 2018

Moses and his cousin Charlie were best friends and unstoppable forces of teenage energy --- until the night they became accidental arsonists and set in motion a chain of events that left Moses alone, guilt-stricken and most likely trapped in his dead-end town. Then Moses gets a lucky break: the chance to volunteer as a camp counselor and prove that the incident should be expunged from his record. And since a criminal record and enrollment at Duke are mutually exclusive, he’s determined to get through his community service and get on with his life. But tragedy seems to follow him wherever he goes, and this time, it might just stop him in his tracks.

Dear Evan Hansen by Val Emmich - Contemporary Fiction
Hardcover: October 9, 2018

When a letter that was never meant to be seen by anyone draws high school senior Evan Hansen into a family’s grief over the loss of their son, he is given the chance of a lifetime: to belong. He just has to stick to a lie he never meant to tell, that the notoriously troubled Connor Murphy was his secret best friend. Suddenly, Evan isn’t invisible anymore --- even to the girl of his dreams. And Connor Murphy’s parents have taken him in like he was their own, desperate to know more about their enigmatic son from his closest friend. As Evan gets pulled deeper into their swirl of anger, regret and confusion, he knows that what he’s doing can’t be right, but if he’s helping people, how wrong can it be?

Hardcover: September 25, 2018

Elizabeth Lavenza's thin arms are covered with bruises from her "caregiver," and she is on the verge of being thrown into the streets...until she is brought to the home of Victor Frankenstein, a boy who has everything --- except a friend. Elizabeth does everything she can to make herself indispensable, and it works. But her new life comes at a price. As the years pass, Elizabeth's survival depends on managing Victor's dangerous temper and entertaining his every whim, no matter how depraved. Behind her blue eyes and sweet smile lies the calculating heart of a girl determined to stay alive no matter the the world she knows is consumed by darkness.

Hardcover: October 16, 2018

GLIMMER OF HOPE tells the story of how a group of teenagers raced to channel their rage and sorrow into action and went on to create one of the largest youth led movements in global history. In keeping up with their ongoing fight to end gun-violence in all communities the student leaders of March for Our Lives have decided not to be paid as authors of the book. 100% of net proceeds from this book will be paid to March For Our Lives Action Fund.

Hardcover: August 14, 2018

Larry Page and Sergey Brin started out as two Stanford college students with a wild idea: They were going to organize the world's information. From that one deceptively simple goal, they created one of the most influential and innovative companies in the world. Now, find out the true history of Google --- from its humble beginnings as a thesis project made out of “borrowed” hardware and discount toys through its revolution of the world's relationship with technology to a brief glimpse of where they might take us next.