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Holiday Bundle of Cheer 2017

Holiday Cheer for

Holiday Bundle of Cheer 2017

The holidays are right around the corner, and as our gift to you, we are spotlighting some amazing books. The deadline to enter the Holiday Bundle of Cheer Feature/Contest is Wednesday, December 20th at noon ET. Enter for your chance to be one of five lucky readers who will win a copy of each of the featured titles below. This year's featured titles include:


  • THE BOOK OF DUST: La Belle Sauvage, Book of Dust (Volume 1) by Philip Pullman
  • THE DIRTY BOOK CLUB by Lisi Harrison
  • MR. DICKENS AND HIS CAROL by Samantha Silva
  • THE PRINCESS BRIDE: S. Morgenstern's Classic Tale of True Love and High Adventure written by William Goldman, illustrated by Michael Manomivibul

To enter, please fill out the form below by Wednesday, December 20th at noon ET.

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The Book of Dust: La Belle Sauvage (Book of Dust, Volume 1) by Philip Pullman - Fantasy/Adventure

Malcolm Polstead’s parents run an inn called the Trout, on the banks of the river Thames, and all of Oxford passes through its doors. Malcolm and his daemon, Asta, routinely overhear news and gossip, and the occasional scandal, but during a winter of unceasing rain, Malcolm catches wind of something new: intrigue. He finds a secret message inquiring about a dangerous substance called Dust --- and the spy it was intended for finds him. When she asks Malcolm to keep his eyes open, he sees suspicious characters everywhere, and all are asking about the same thing: a baby girl named Lyra. Malcolm will brave any danger, and make shocking sacrifices, to bring her safely through the storm.

The Dirty Book Club by Lisi Harrison - Fiction

M.J. Stark’s life is picture-perfect, but there is a debilitating sense of loneliness behind her success. So when her boss betrays her and her boyfriend offers her a completely new life in California, she decides to give it a try. Once there, M.J. is left to fend for herself in a small beach town, with only the company of her elderly neighbor, Gloria. One afternoon, M.J. discovers that Gloria has suddenly moved to Paris. In lieu of a goodbye, she’s left a mysterious invitation to a secret club --- one that only reads erotic books. Curious, M.J. accepts and meets the three other hand-selected club members. As they bond over naughty bestsellers and the shocking letters they inherited from the original club members, the four strangers start to divulge the intimate details of their own lives.

Mr. Dickens and His Carol by Samantha Silva - Historical Fiction

For Charles Dickens, each Christmas has been better than the last. But when Dickens’ newest book is a flop, the glorious life he has built for himself threatens to collapse around him. Increasingly frazzled and filled with self-doubt, Dickens seeks solace and inspiration in London itself. And on one of his long walks, in a once-beloved square, he meets a young woman in a purple cloak, who might be just the muse he needs. 

Pride and Prejudice and Mistletoe by Melissa de la Cruz - Fiction

The beautiful and successful Darcy Fitzwilliam dates hedge funders and basketball stars. She has never fallen in love, never has time for anyone else’s drama, and never goes home for Christmas if she can help it. But when her mother falls ill, she comes home to Pemberley, Ohio, to spend the season with her family. Her parents throw their annual Christmas bash, where she meets Luke Bennet, the smart, sardonic slacker son of their neighbor. When Darcy and Luke fall into bed after too many eggnogs, Darcy thinks it’s just another one-night stand. But why can’t she stop thinking of Luke? Can she fall in love, or will her pride and his prejudice against big-city girls stand in their way?

The Princess Bride: S. Morgenstern's Classic Tale of True Love and High Adventure written by William Goldman, illustrated by Michael Manomivibul - Fiction

William Goldman’s beloved story of Buttercup, Westley, and their fellow adventurers is now available in a beautifully illustrated deluxe edition, which includes fifty full-page color illustrations by Michael Manomivibul, full-color chapter openers, and a gorgeous color map printed on the endpapers. A stunning package just in time for the holidays!