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Bleed for Me

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About the Book

Bleed for Me

20 Great International Mysteries, February 2012

Although it’s been three years since psychology professor Joseph O’Loughlin left his clinical practice for a teaching position at Bath University, he doesn’t miss it at all. Memories still live with him. “I remember every patient--the cutters, the groomers, the addicts, the narcissists, the sociopaths and the sexual predators; those who were too frightened to step out into the world and the few who wanted to burn it down.” O’Loughlin’s own world takes a turn for the worst when he finds his teenage daughter’s best friend “huddled between the roots of a tree like a discarded doll” and covered in blood. When the young girl is accused of brutally murdering her father, O’Loughlin cannot forget “Sienna’s face bleached by the beam of the torch. There was something in her eyes...a terrible knowledge.” Robotham has produced an extraordinarily compelling and absorbing thriller.

Bleed for Me
by Michael Robotham