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Rob Hart


Rob Hart

Rob Hart is the associate publisher at and the class director at LitReactor. Previously, he has been a political reporter, the communications director for a politician, and a commissioner for the city of New York.

Rob is the author of THE LAST SAFE PLACE: A Zombie Novella, and his short stories have appeared in publications like Thuglit, NEEDLE, Shotgun Honey, All Due Respect and Helix Literary Magazine. He is the author of five Ash McKenna novels: NEW YORKED, CITY OF ROSE, SOUTH VILLAGE, THE WOMAN FROM PRAGUE and POTTER'S FIELD.

He lives in New York City.

Rob Hart

Books by Rob Hart

by Rob Hart - Fiction, Mystery, Noir, Short Stories, Suspense, Thriller

In TAKE-OUT, Rob Hart has collected 16 stories of culinary crime and noir that will have you savoring every deadly bite. In the title story, a gambler falls into debt with the enigmatic owner of a Chinatown gambling parlor, and must run odd --- and sometimes dangerous --- deliveries to clear his ledger. In "How to Make the Perfect New York Bagel," the owner of one of New York City's last old-school bagel shops has to defend his storefront --- in the past, from the mob, and in the present, from a bank. In "Creampuff," a bakery with the hottest pastry in town has to hire a bouncer to control the unruly line, with tragic results.