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Richard Russo


Richard Russo

Richard Russo is the author of eight novels, most recently EVERYBODY'S FOOL and THAT OLD CAPE MAGIC; two collections of stories, with TRAJECTORY published in 2017; and the memoir ELSEWHERE. In 2002 he received the Pulitzer Prize for EMPIRE FALLS, which like NOBODY'S FOOL was adapted to film, in a multiple-award-winning HBO miniseries; in 2016 he was given the Indie Champion Award by the American Booksellers Association; and in 2017 he received France’s Grand Prix de Littérature Américaine. He lives in Portland, Maine.

Richard Russo

Books by Richard Russo

by Richard Russo - Essays, Nonfiction

In these nine essays, Richard Russo provides insight into his life as a writer, teacher, friend and reader. From a commencement speech he gave at Colby College, to the story of how an oddly placed toilet made him reevaluate the purpose of humor in art and life, to a comprehensive analysis of Mark Twain's value, to his harrowing journey accompanying a dear friend as she pursued gender-reassignment surgery, THE DESTINY THIEF reflects the broad interests and experiences of one of America's most beloved authors.

by Richard Russo - Fiction, Short Stories

The characters in these four expansive stories are a departure from the blue-collar denizens that populate so many of Richard Russo’s novels, and all are bound together by parallel moments of reckoning with their pasts. In “Horseman,” a young professor confronts an undergraduate plagiarist --- as well as her own regrets. In “Intervention,” a realtor facing a serious medical prognosis finds himself in his late father’s shadow. “Voice” gives us a semiretired academic who is conned by his estranged brother into joining a group tour of the Venice Biennale. And “Milton and Marcus” takes us into a lapsed novelist’s attempt to rekindle his screenwriting career --- a career that depends wholly on two Hollywood icons (one living, one dead).

by Richard Russo - Fiction

In this long-awaited follow-up to 1993’s NOBODY’S FOOL, Doug Raymer has become the chief of police and is tormented by the improbable death of his wife --- not to mention his suspicion that he was a failure of a husband. Meanwhile, the irrepressible Sully has come into a small fortune, but is suddenly faced with a VA cardiologist’s estimate that he only has a year or two left to live. As Sully frantically works to keep the bad news from the important people in his life, we are reunited with his son and grandson; Ruth, the married woman with whom he carried on for years; and the hapless Rub Squeers, who worries that he and Sully aren’t still best friends.