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Kill Fee by Owen Laukkanen - Thriller
Hardcover: March 20, 2014

State investigator Kirk Stevens and his occasional colleague, FBI special agent Carla Windermere, witness the assassination of one of the state’s wealthiest men. The events of that day will lead Stevens and Windermere across the country, down countless blind alleys, and finally to a very flourishing 21st-century enterprise: a high-tech murder-for-hire social media website. But just who has the dead-eyed shooter targeted next…and who’s choosing his victims?

Hardcover: April 1, 2014

Dr. Peter McGraw, founder of the Humor Research Lab at the University of Colorado Boulder, teamed up with journalist Joel Warner on a far-reaching search for the secret behind humor. Their journey spanned the globe, from New York to Japan, from Palestine to the Amazon. Meanwhile, the duo conducted their own humor experiments along the way --- to wince-worthy, hilarious and illuminating results.

Paperback: March 25, 2014

Chloe is a magazine editor in London who is embarking on an exciting romance with James, her handsome publisher. Maggie is a freelance magazine writer living in a quaint English village…and she is James's wife. Chloe and Maggie's perspectives on this complicated romantic triangle are told in alternating chapters as the affair progresses.

Paperback: March 4, 2014

O'Clair is a former Detroit homicide investigator who now owns a motel in Pompano Beach, Florida in his retirement. One morning, he discovers a lovely young woman dead on a lounge chair. When a second girl is murdered, O'Clair knows someone is trying to send him a message. So he returns to Detroit Police Homicide to review the murder file and try to figure out what he might have missed. And when his young girlfriend, Virginia, is kidnapped by the killer, the stakes grow exponentially higher.

Hardcover: March 24, 2014

A woman of vast wealth and even greater connections is the fourth in a string of shocking murders that have hit New York City. As the public pressure mounts, and political and personal secrets of the highest order hang in the balance, Detective Zach Jordan and his partner, Kylie MacDonald, must find out what's really behind the murderer's rampage. But Kylie has been acting strange recently --- and Zach knows whatever she's hiding could threaten the biggest case of their careers.

Hardcover: March 18, 2014

Steam is rising over Discworld, driven by Mister Simnel. He has produced a great clanging monster of a machine that harnesses the power of all of the elements, and it’s soon drawing astonished crowds. To the consternation of Ankh-Morpork’s formidable Patrician, Lord Vetinari, no one is in charge of this new invention. Who better to rectify this than the man he has already appointed master of the Post Office, the Mint and the Royal Bank: Moist von Lipwig.

Hardcover: March 25, 2014

The body of a disgraced college lecturer is found on an abandoned railway line. In the four years since his dismissal for sexual misconduct, he'd been living like a hermit. So where did he get the 5,000 pounds found in his pocket? Leading the investigation, Detective Chief Inspector Alan Banks begins to suspect that the victim's past may be connected to his death.

Hardcover: March 25, 2014

Years ago, Katie Sanford’s husband was convicted of the murder of Jenny Robbins but then died in prison. The tragedy is brought up again in the wake of a hurricane that has just wreaked havoc on their quiet Maine town. Since its founding, Wilton has had a quaint tradition of creating a time capsule every 50 years, and the storm unearthed the most recent capsule. Someone predicted Jenny’s death, as well as 11 other tragedies, which are still occurring even long after the death of Katie’s husband.

Sleep Donation: A Novella by Karen Russell - Science Fiction/Fantasy
eBook Original: March 25, 2014

Already heaped with accolades, Karen Russell is a gifted writer who likely will get plenty more for her eerie fantasy about a sleeplessness epidemic. The dystopian riffs are sharp and imaginative, but what sets the novella apart are its poignant intimations of moral doubt and personal loss: more Hamlet than Hunger Games.

Hardcover: March 25, 2014

Chef Michael Gibney uses 24 hours to animate the intricate camaraderie and culinary choreography in an upscale New York restaurant kitchen. In SOUS CHEF, readers will find all the details, in rapid-fire succession, of what it takes to deliver an exceptional plate of food --- the journey to excellence by way of exhaustion.