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If you’ve been plugged into the 20Something cultural airwaves these past couple of months, you may have picked up some strong signals about this new “trend” --- or “anti-trend” if we may --- called normcore*. What is normcore you ask? We asked ourselves the same thing when we’d only heard the word abuzz in the Twitter-sphere (and backlash in our own social circles). So we did what any sweet, inquisitive 20Somethings would do: We googled the s%&! out of it. Take notes, Rust Cohle, we’re the true detectives here. It seemed like the trend was to write about normcore so we jumped on that non-brandwagon. How normcore are we?!

*The “n” isn’t even capitalized --- we don’t want any letters standing out. See what we did there? Don’t worry, you will.