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Blake Nelson


Blake Nelson

Blake grew up in Portland, Oregon.

His first love was books but he spent several years in his teens and twenties playing in bands.

Blake's first writing job was at Details magazine, where he wrote short humor pieces on the slacker lifestyle. His fiction remained unpublished until Sassy Magazine (cool girl magazine from the 90s) began publishing excerpts from his first novel.

These excerpts generated enough response to get his first novel GIRL published by Simon and Schuster. GIRL (1994) has since been translated into six foreign languages and was made into a feature film.

After GIRL, Blake published two more adult novels, EXILE (1997) and USER (2001). In 2003 he wrote his first Young Adult novel, (a book specifically for teens) THE NEW RULES OF HIGH SCHOOL.

Since then he has published six YA novels, NEW RULES, ROCKSTAR SUPERSTAR, PROM ANONYMOUS, GENDER BLENDER, THEY CAME FROM BELOW and PARANOID PARK, which has been made into an award winning film by Gus Van Sant.

Blake Nelson

Books by Blake Nelson

by Blake Nelson - Coming of Age, Fiction, Historical Fiction, Music, Romance, Young Adult 12+

Meet Andrea Marr: straight-A high school student, thrift-store addict and princess of the downtown music scene. In the midst of the '90s, where the music scene was experiencing the deep impact of the grunge movement, Andrea’s passion for music merges together with first love to lead her down a unique yet universally relatable coming-of-age road.